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How do I know that AlgoSwings is the right service for me?

More than likely you have seen some of our past charts and success but if not we are gladly willing to share past examples to get a sense of whether our style is in line with yours. Apart from the charts and explanations provided the timeframe will also let you know if we are the right service for you. The time horizons we provided are often days to weeks of holding on to a winning trade. Some time horizons are short intraday trades but that is often rare. We find that new and experienced traders who day trade either haven't develop the right habits, have bad habits developed over the years or perform their best when they swing trade.

How do you customize your services for the mentorship program?

This is where we begin to ask questions in terms of what are your time expectations for the trades that you are looking at. If you are looking at specific sectors, longer term investments and shorter term swing trades etc. The type of leverage you are looking to use(Futures/Options etc.) and whether you will be hedging or not. We go in depth as to what you are looking to do and ensure we have that in mind when building out the case studies.

I have been on a losing streak is there any type of mentorship you would have for building up my trading confidence?

In our Forum we will post selective High Probability Trades exclusively for those looking at consistent returns. We ensure that we designate what is High Risk and what is High Probability to give you the best odds of success and consistent returns.

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