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2/22/22 Market Review

We have been posting on social media and blogs such as the one here warning traders that volatility was coming since Fall and Winter of last year. True volatility has started to enter the market.

Our last update to traders was on 2/10/2022 (screenshot below) regarding an expected dip prior to increase in asset prices.

We got just that per below updated screenshot:

What is next? Despite a downside bias until March 23rd, we believe there is opportunity for a bit of a counter trend bounce in the upcoming days prior to $QQQs having the lows retested once more. The overall price action up until now and in the coming trading sessions should result in a final shakeout of swing traders and new day traders.

Trade Suggestions: we have reduced the free trade suggestions as it is best to sit in cash when volatility begins to ramp up. Members are advised on very few trades that can be scaled into or entered outright. You're not missing much in this environment from our perspective. The whipsaw price action makes way for a new set of traders to come in and drive prices higher or lower. Professional Day Trades can be done but we rarely issue short term trades and advise others to leave that to the pros who do it full time.

We will update as our system alerts more free trade suggestions. Until then, remain patient and be selective!

Talk Soon!


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